International forum: Education - Who Is Your Inspiration?
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19 Feb 2016 19:05

Everyone needs an inspiration to be able to perform a task with motivation" Now who inspired you a lot? and what makes you inspired by that person?

22 Feb 2016 10:14

1. My Parents (They have to be on the first position) Others (in no particular order) : nurul islam suhaga. hafij maolana jamaal ahmad, mr.rahatul hoque chouwdhury, mr. numanul hoque choudhury

22 Feb 2016 10:41

Myself! I'm not dependant to someone's inspiration to be able to perform any task personally; I used to do whatever I want, being independent of the motivations;

Actually, we should rather depend on ourselves than depending on the inspirations of others;

22 Feb 2016 11:10

22 Feb 2016 14:57

My inspiration my mom and dad... My dad was so poor that he run his study by do tuition... After finished his study... He became first class govt. Officer and we also higher middle class family... Got every facility where my dad worked in field from 10 years old... And run his studies too... My mom from higher middle class family... She also so much educated that he got job offer from bank to join as manager... But my mom didn't do this job just for take care of us properly and my dads earn was enough for us... My inspiration for manner my mom... And for study... My dad...

22 Feb 2016 21:48
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22 Feb 2016 22:06
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