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10 Feb 2016 15:54

Mostly a Democratic form of Government always divided into three branches which is Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.
How do you understand the works of these three most important branches in the Government

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10 Feb 2016 15:58

Do you know how these branches of the Government working as one person under the umbrella of any form of the Government?

11 Feb 2016 09:19
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11 Feb 2016 09:27

11 Feb 2016 09:56

its really sad that i ddnt fucos on studying philippines constitution

11 Feb 2016 13:24

Quote by _prettytiger_
Judicial..they can impeach the president.. :U

11 Feb 2016 14:40

Executive office which is the office of the President they are the implementing bodies.
While the legislative which is the congress and senate house were the one who making a law and passing bill..
However the Judicial body which is the Supreme Court revising the laws and protecting the constitution.

11 Feb 2016 14:42

Any additional information are welcome.

11 Feb 2016 21:56
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