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10 Feb 2016 01:44

Can you sing and playing instrument ?
or playing only but can't able to sing?
or singing only

10 Feb 2016 08:49

I can play piano and sing but only happy birthday I can play other song like HEAVEN KNOWS but i can't sing

10 Feb 2016 09:16
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10 Feb 2016 09:58

I can sing....but I can't play any instrument

10 Feb 2016 10:01
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10 Feb 2016 15:32

Unfortunately I can only playing guitar but no talent for singing

10 Feb 2016 15:33

Congrats to all having a talent to sing.and playing guitar too.

10 Feb 2016 17:41

Yap i can sing and play instrument lyk drums i cn back up bt wen playng rythm guiter i can lead sing perfctly

10 Feb 2016 18:43

I can play organ, I can play drum, and play tambourine and I can sing aswell and I thank God for all these talents He gaves me and I am using for His Own Glory

10 Feb 2016 20:35

i digitally make music but can.t sing

11 Jan 2017 06:48

I can't sing coz I do not do it very well but I can play piano