International forum: Politics - Most Credible and Accurate system for counting the election ballot boxes.
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10 Feb 2016 01:35

Election is just a way of chosing leaders to lead the countries.
This process showing the freedom of individual to chose their leaders.
But Elections isn't guaranted to have a good leaders.
How do you chose the right system or credible machine to be accurate in counting the ballot

10 Feb 2016 11:36
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10 Feb 2016 11:41
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10 Feb 2016 11:44
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10 Feb 2016 11:50
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10 Feb 2016 15:25

Either duterte or poe

10 Feb 2016 15:25

Quote by ice710
no idea can i ask clix? whose ur president? im thinking for DU30 i want him to implement death penalty haha :D

10 Feb 2016 17:45

Still searching