International forum: Health - How to Prolong the life of Cancer Patients?
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9 Feb 2016 01:28

Does anything can sustain or prolong the life of pallative cancer pantient?

9 Feb 2016 01:29

Chemo theraphy is the fastest way to eliminate cancer cells but the problem even good cells damages too.

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9 Feb 2016 09:06
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9 Feb 2016 09:20

Those all r harmful too body
Battrr to used some
Like turmaric

9 Feb 2016 09:31

The use of cinnamon & honey does help. add 1tsp of cinnamon & 2 tsp of honey into acup of boiling water,taken 3 tym aday

9 Feb 2016 09:35

I know "cancer ! Has no answer" is it true ?

9 Feb 2016 09:44

proper care treatment and keep changing blood... As I know...

9 Feb 2016 10:03

Keep him/her happy..

9 Feb 2016 10:50

Quote by H Murad
I know "cancer ! Has no answer" is it true ?

If its on final stage we cant do anything to save life of person but if we known it that cancer on a primary stage then it will be recover by medicine and treatment

9 Feb 2016 13:14

If its in d initial stage, proper treatment will help to cure d cancer cells... but if its in d final stage,.. den only what we can do is to give relief to d patient by giving palliative care... Usually it's seen dat positive thoughts on d patient do magical effect on their body too...

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9 Feb 2016 14:28

It is very painful topic My father
suffered from stomach cancer He
had two operations, but after two
years he died

9 Feb 2016 15:46

Thanks guys for your time to share your personal information about some practical ways how to help cancer patient.

9 Feb 2016 18:13

Charity and prayer's