International forum: Religion - OUR DEATH IS OUR DOOMSDAY
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30 Jan 2016 03:24

Talking about "DOOMSDAY" people always worrying about the end of this world and think the destruction of this world (something like 2012 movie) Even the experts at NASA have their own theories that based on science physics {the earth and meteor collision} and its normally, people always compared all natural phenomenas as signs of the end of earth ("UNIVERSE" not just the earth)
Yes, that's however based on scripts of bible and alquran.
But have you ever thought that YOUR DEATH IS THE END OF YOUR WORLD

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30 Jan 2016 03:26


1 Feb 2016 09:07

Qeyamat like that

1 Feb 2016 09:17

our birthday is the dooms day

1 Feb 2016 09:19

Quote by Crookxmr
our birthday is the dooms day


1 Feb 2016 11:28
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1 Feb 2016 11:40

Quote by ice710
my death is just only a beginning of my life :D

Dark days .............. end of the lights tht burns n sting ur weary eyes its a dooms place of hurt n pain ...

1 Feb 2016 11:45
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1 Feb 2016 11:47

No heaven or hell..just dead. As if ur in a dreamless sleep... That's it.. Nothing else.

1 Feb 2016 11:59
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1 Feb 2016 12:10

Death means just changed a body by soul
Like wear new cloths

1 Feb 2016 13:27


1 Feb 2016 13:40
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1 Feb 2016 13:46

the seperation of our soul from our boday is called death, so when some 1 dies his/her soul doesnt die its goes to HAZRAT IZRAEEL'S puch nd when qiyamat occures, the ol human souls come out nd go to their bodies nd once again human beings are alived nd by then the immortel life of human beings start, nd there ALLAH fearing people are bestowed nd they live in the heaven while others are in hell

1 Feb 2016 20:48

I think we ourselves have to more consern about our life and ask ourselves WHAT HAVE WE ALREADY DONE?? IS IT RIGHT OR WRONG?? Before our own kiamat (in indonesian language) comes, I mean death

1 Feb 2016 21:28

no one knows when DOOMS DAY / KIAMAT comes, even the angels but only God knows. so why keep worrying about it. the only kiamat for us that we know is our death, doctors can tell that your life is going to end in 3 months, coz you suffered aids, cancer etc. Or when you do suicide, you know your own doomsday SO STARTS KNOWING YOUR DOOMS DAY GUYS hehehe... just joking bros

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1 Feb 2016 22:26
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