International forum: Romance & Friendship - Why Love Always Gives Pain And Tears?
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14 Jan 2016 19:46

True Love Always Give Pain,Hurt And Tears At The End!

Do You Agree With Me?

21 Jan 2016 10:14

No its false love

21 Jan 2016 10:32

If of love the end result is in tear and pain,
who need such love Better live without any love

Edited by Ssandra5 / 21 Jan 2016 10:33
21 Jan 2016 11:37

True love never ever given u a pain and tear
No mattar thar ur partner woth u or not
Always feeling come out from heart
That whanever u live be happy with smile and loveble person always live in special place in heart
If u r really welwisher of ur lover