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10 Jan 2016 18:28

If you see a person on the road is about to die and a holy book of your religion is still beside him on the road first of all you take the person to the hospital or take your holy book and pass it on holy place ? What will you choose ?

11 Jan 2016 17:25

Tell me friends

11 Jan 2016 17:26

Both any one avoid impossible for me

11 Jan 2016 17:28

Quote by H Murad
Both any one avoid impossible for me

but if u have to take one thing first

11 Jan 2016 17:33

Quote by LuckyLiker
Quote by H Murad
Both any one avoid impossible for me

but if u have to take one thing first

choose you

11 Jan 2016 17:49

11 Jan 2016 18:26
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11 Jan 2016 19:45

If I have to choose one I will choose man if I can't bear both together. Because my religious book also teach me this. And God declared that man is the best creature in the world. So man first than others. And save own life and others life if you can its farz for you...

12 Jan 2016 17:26

Help the man rush to hospital we live only once , Holy book you can find them if you loss one

If you read your Bible Jesus do the work on sabbath day ,He heal the blind man

Thats why the Bible also tell us to write the word of God in our foreheads and curve them into our heart so that we may not forget them

13 Jan 2016 19:48

Both friend Lucky-Liker,I well get the Holy thing and i well take the person going to the hospital and Iwell do my part being a cconcern citizen; and at the same time. I set down at the solemn part corner of the hospital and pray for him silently.

14 Jan 2016 17:16

I am always with me, I have a small holy book, therefore I would take the sick man

15 Jan 2016 02:59

Thanks my friend Hitu for my simple explanation of these topic.

15 Jan 2016 03:03

thanks friend D500

17 Jan 2016 18:33
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17 Jan 2016 18:35

Quote by xXxsUpEr_GlrLxXx
take da man tOo hOspital....

i love that thinG ur religion Is humanTy