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10 Dec 2015 10:16


If humans evolved from monkeys, how come there are still monkeys ...? ANY IDEAS TO SHARE??

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30 Dec 2015 21:37

Evolution from monkeys?

Hehehe humans didn't evolve from monkeys, but humans and monkeys both evolved from an extinct common ancestors; indeed there's a fundamental misunderstanding of evolutionary theory in the modern world;

According to Darwinism (scientific theory of evolution) there was special generation of "chimpanzee" or "ape" which evolved to humans through natural selection! It is necessary to remember that there is no-more existence of this generation after being evolved to human beings;

Well, this isn't a joke!

It is based on thousands of scientifc experiments, observations, proofs, genetic informations, morphological and physiological evolution even from a single cell to whole body of humans, in addition, this theory has international acceptance even studied in all the countries of world;

30 Dec 2015 22:51
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31 Dec 2015 06:23
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