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5 Dec 2015 21:47

Why nigerian are scammers? Not all but some people, why?

5 Dec 2015 21:48

Because economic problems create scammers

5 Dec 2015 21:49

Love people not the money

5 Dec 2015 21:51

If any message from mobo free comes and ask you to replye on e.mail address, be,ware those persons are scammer

5 Dec 2015 21:53

The scammer creat a beautiful story for traping like million dollars transfer to your cuntry, and make fool people

5 Dec 2015 21:54

Most of the scammer show thereself as American Soldiers, Actress etc

5 Dec 2015 21:56

Scammers use the real persons biography,photoes etc from Google, so that people fool easily