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1 Dec 2015 10:40

What event or period.. or who would you go see... What would u change in history if you could?

1 Dec 2015 10:41

I would go back to see the dinosaurs.. Or early mankind

1 Dec 2015 10:42

Or maybe when the Roman empire came to the UK

1 Dec 2015 10:43

I have personal things I'd like to see..also

1 Dec 2015 13:21
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1 Dec 2015 13:26

Lol.. But ur time machine was a conked out old banger.. ... Mine is super duper turbo charged... So answer the Dam question

1 Dec 2015 18:21
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1 Dec 2015 21:25

Quote by nlime
What event or period.. or who would you go see... What would u change in history if you could?
See You

1 Dec 2015 21:27

Quote by Rya.Frihane2
I posted this kind of Topic once nobody answered it They dont like to Travel back in time, they're very much Happy with their lives now :P

you are really funny.. I could like to travel to the Future and not the Past

1 Dec 2015 21:28

Quote by Alexander_Mohon
26th of June 2015 i waNna Go baCk :prayer
wow what happen to you on dat day

1 Dec 2015 22:37
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2 Dec 2015 00:53
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2 Dec 2015 02:40

I think and I feel that I was born in the late 50's and just reborn on my present.I'm unsure if it really happens but i can feel it especially when i hear old songs,watch old movies,how they dressed in that century..and when i see old photos and visit old places,s0mething i felt like I have been in that particular place before..So maybe I can go back in time with a heavy duty very high tech time machine, lol..(i'm afraid with a time machine run by charcoal though ) Yeah I wanna take a chance to see who really me is back in time.

2 Dec 2015 04:12

Moved forward not backward , The Yesterday's. Was gone you cannot bring it back again, just in the memories remain , people who living in the pass , they have miserable life

2 Dec 2015 04:14

don't dwell in the past looked forward our future is ahead of us

2 Dec 2015 05:22

I,seconded on you friend Mic0019,l like for the future.

2 Dec 2015 07:36

Hmmm..its not about dwelling on the past its about seeing something historic or something before u were born

2 Dec 2015 07:37

I'd go back a few hours n lock the door to the people wasting space in here