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28 Nov 2015 23:33

What well u do if ur love one was died.

30 Dec 2015 05:23
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30 Dec 2015 06:42

ok friend Rainy u have an idea .

31 Dec 2015 14:07
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2 Jan 2016 06:25

Oh!!! my friend Sad sunday,According to our friend Rainy he look/ find a new one.But me still trying to move on this kind of situation.Here we are 2016 Iam ready to face the new challenges in my life." Make You Happy " Not to be sad. its already 2016. Ok my friend.

2 Jan 2016 08:44

How can you survive when your ideally romantic, all-wanted, and lifetime loved-one was died? Can someone take its place? It's most difficult to cope this situation, I would rather like to be single, in the state of solitude, being alone, and happy in her memories, indeed, I will spend whole of my life in her uplifting remembrance;

2 Jan 2016 17:36

ok its ur decision my friend Wafa-waseem.Thats ur life.

13 Oct 2016 20:53

Woww,, the topic,, it's really so me.
At that time when he passed away, mm..I was crying. It took a month to get out of my bed.
After that, I collected all his gifts and his belongings then offered it to someone else in need.
Life must go on. I do all my work and pass the days and pretending like he never exists. (It's quite painful)

Edited by Dear_Dara / 14 Oct 2016 05:22
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