International forum: Travel - Is there Any Safe places for Vacation bringing your Family?
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26 Nov 2015 05:27

After the bombing in Paris that killed 132 people and 328 wounded
Is there any safe places for long vacation?

26 Nov 2015 09:29

Truthful opinion... Anywhere were there aren't Muslims... I know il get banged for my opinion but that is the general opinion of most British at this time.. With Belgium..... Paris.. Sharm El sheikh.. I'm not saying all Muslims r bad because they are not.. But it wd feel safer if there's none on any vacation I go on...

26 Nov 2015 10:20
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26 Nov 2015 10:47

All nearest place of my city and state

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26 Nov 2015 11:53

Nice suggestion.

26 Nov 2015 12:03

Croatia wd be my choice at this moment

26 Nov 2015 12:12

Why croatia?

26 Nov 2015 12:26

I tnk dis tym Syria is z best option 2 bring in ur family ...teyayzachu eleku

26 Nov 2015 12:52
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