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22 Nov 2015 07:38

Parents usually they are after a big family's.
Unfortunately because of economic problems globally they should have a Family planning for their kid's future.
If you have only a choices what is your most prepared numbers of family to brought out?

How do you find out the most applicable Numbers of sons to be in your country?

23 Nov 2015 12:52

2 kids

12 Dec 2015 18:29

I hate those parents who like to make kids for sexual enjoyment but they have no anxiety or care about their future!

Indeed, having kids (progeny) is one of the greatest blessings of God, but some unplanned-parents used to disdain it, so I hate it!

Well, I will make a-little family, having merely son or daughter at all, this is the sole way to care their feelings, wishes, ambitions or whatever they will want from me, I will be able to accomplish them