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6 Nov 2015 01:09

Why others copied someone topics and posted here?
I heard a lady saying this man copies all her topics ..

I don't think he really copied the topic of her, because it happend to me and koren , our topic is the same but the difference I'd mention the persons name but her not and she post in india and I post in international .

Thats why they have mistaken saying that koren and me same preson, this ladyhi is the same saying to me this man copied her topic,

6 Nov 2015 11:15

Nice topic posted. All user aren't copid topices but some user are always post fake topices

6 Nov 2015 12:29

How the topic become fake ?

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6 Nov 2015 12:35

Define fake topic. Lol

6 Nov 2015 14:58

Quote by nlime
Define fake topic. Lol

maybe wat she meant is her topic has been copied or duplicated by others abd posted in other forums here

6 Nov 2015 14:59

Yeh I kinda guess that but just checking... Incase I'm wrong.

6 Nov 2015 15:05

Quote by nlime
Yeh I kinda guess that but just checking... Incase I'm wrong. :wh

yeah ryt mister perfect

6 Nov 2015 15:28

I don't think they copied the topic , it might just cross their mind on that kind off thats why sometimes they're the same

7 Nov 2015 04:23

Just report it

7 Nov 2015 14:50

Just repot

8 Nov 2015 14:16
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8 Nov 2015 14:40

Quote by Rya.Frihane2
Yeah many Topics r Duplicated I think sum of Topic Creators r Run out of Ideas thts y they Making d same Topics all over again :D

I make only 1,and they can create many out of it ohh I am that fair so hv a good stay in mobo and stay creative as u WANT

8 Nov 2015 16:33

No Fake topic, neither a Copied topic,
Sometimes similar topic has been happen unintentionally which is Identical topic.

If Forum Moderators found it surely it will be hide.
If you think this topic Identical please report to English Forum Moderator..

English Forum Moderators.

Khan j