International forum: Romance & Friendship - How do you know when you are in love?
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3 Nov 2015 04:54

How do you know when you are
in love

3 Nov 2015 13:22

I don't know

5 Nov 2015 14:53

Quote by H Murad
I don't know

5 Nov 2015 14:57

Now i dn't know

5 Nov 2015 15:08

Everyday m inlove

5 Nov 2015 15:39

When u r start to take care some one,
Thinking every time about her,
Every single msg to chack ur phone that
She is msg to u or not,
When u seen her offline cant feel good,
When some one start to come to in ur dreams,
When ursee some one and ony type of charm come to in ur face,
When u start to noitice everything about her,
When u rialone and remeber her and u r smiling,
When u r looking ur self in to mirror so many time,
When ur mind only think about her,
When u sing a song,