International forum: Religion - 10 Types Of People We Meet After Church Dismissal (hilarious)
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2 Nov 2015 12:23

Lets Keep the Ball rolling

1. Home Straight Crew
This crew have no Joy at all,
the only the thing they want
to hear is Surely surely, The
Lord Be with you
And the next place you
would see them is 120km

2. The Photo Crew.
Especially when the church
has a Nice surrounding.
Some would even dress well
with hope of taking pictures
and Selfie so they can
update #Sunday_Things on
Social Medias

3. The Meeting Crew
Announcement time..
Please listen carefully
New Members
are welcome and Please
endevour to please meet the
Church President after
All CMO (Mens)
Should please wait Behind
for a Brief meeting..
All CWO (Mothers)
You are expected to meet
your Leader after church
dismissal for an important
The Chior
should also wait after the
church Dismissal, you have a
Vistor from From Saint Cicilia
catholic Church
Venue: Choir stand/Gallery
All Youth
should please meet their
leader after dismissal for
brief information about the
Camp coming up soon..
All Children and
within the age 17- below
should also wait after
dismissal your Leader wants
to see you all
Venue : Children stand
He should have Just say
Everyone should wait after

4. The Hookers Crew.
That is when you would see
Chike and Chidimma hooking
up to exchange phone
Numbers with
"Your Face Look
Familar have we meet
before "

5. The Ice-cream and
Puff Puff Crew.
Who can say he didnt pass
this Crew, when one would
save his Offering money for
Icecream and Puff puff

6. The Gossip crew.
They would have formed an
Association for it if it is Legal
After church dismissal is the
proper time for they to
broadcast Live Gossip

7. Last Week Football
Seun: Omo with the way
Chelsea dey go down them
go still discover Oil oo :O
Ade: Bros no be lie i need
Sack Mou
Kingtom: Guy e pain me as
Manu Draw Match oo..

8. The Show Off Crew.
It is Only on Sunday after
church dismissal that Dee
knows he would open the
doors of his Car and climb
the roof and ask his
Beautiful sister to snap him
with Galaxy Tab (9)

9. Last to Go Crew.
This crew are always the
last to go home and
somehow with definately no
specific reason to be the last
to go..

10. Feel free to add yours..

#Happy New Month

2 Nov 2015 14:03

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