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27 Oct 2015 00:39

independent judiciary and elections commission. Additionally, some concrete proposals are made to enhance the economic development of the region. The recently established PPP-led government in Muzaffarabad should take advantage of the conducive political environment for the constitutional amendments. So should the leading opposition party, the Muslim League-N, which has long been supporting constitutional reforms.It is time a serious dialogue was started on this sensitive issue.The writer is based in Islamabad.Email: ajkrawalakot@gmail.comIn what is being termed a great development, Pakistan has secured the long awaited duty-free access to the European markets, through the EU Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) Plus status. The announcement was made in the second week of December 2013 though the regime actually came into force on January 1, 2014. There are 10 developing countries, including Pakistan, which will benefit from this decision.Pakistan’s export-based industries are upbeat on this

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that 174 teams being mobilized to vaccinate the children and nine Zonal Supervisor and 42 Area Incharges are supervising the campaign. "To facilitate the residents of campaign areas, 40 Fixed Centers have been established at different easy accessible locations," he said. To vaccinate the children who are travelling with parents, 14 Transit Points have been set up at different entry and exit points of Islamabad. A total of 174 teams has been constituted who visiting houseto house to vaccinate 69562 target children within the municipal limits of Islamabad. He informed that CDA is providing logistic support during thecampaigns and established an operation room to intensify the monitoring and arrangements of the polio campaign. Director Health commended the cooperation and efforts of Islamabad Police, Islamabad Traffic Police for their cooperation and contribution in eradication of polio from Islamabad.ATC rejects age report of Shahrukh Jatoi

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Updated at 0:0 PST Saturday, February 26, 2011 AMSTERDAM: Natural ingredients found in a cup of tea can improve brain power and increase alertness, according to the latest study.Researchers looked at the effect of key chemicals found in tea on the mental performance of 44 young volunteers.The effects of these ingredients, an amino acid called L-theanine ?C which is also found in green tea ?C and caffeine at levels typically found in a cup of tea, were compared with a dummy treatment.The active ingredients significantly improved accuracy across a number of switching tasks for those who drank the tea after 20 and 70 minutes, compared with the placebo. The tea drinkers?? alertness was also heightened, the study found. Tea was also found to reduced tiredness, according to the Dutch researchers reporting on their findings in the journal

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