International forum: Business - China has installed 9.9GW of solar in 2015 but curtailment issues continue
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22 Oct 2015 04:15

China has installed 9.9GW of solar capacity in 2015 from January to September, according to the latest figures released by the National Energy Administration (NEA).

The vast majority, 8.32GW, was utility-scale with 1.58GW of distributed projects installed.

The country has a target of installing 17.8GW in 2015 with a further 5.3GW of capacity quota made available to over-performing provinces. Some of this is expected to be carried over to 2016.

However, in July, the NEA said that solar power was suffering at the hands of the grid with a curtailment rate of 10%. The latest figures show that the curtailment figure has extended to 11% for the first three quarters of 2015.

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