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19 Oct 2015 11:16

Hi guys!

This topic has been created for the inspirational, uplifting, encouraging, invigorating, and sweet messages for the couples (lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends) of mobofree, you have also freedom to post or share any kind of loving-words (messages, quotes, pictures, etc) to your love here!

Thankyou -

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19 Oct 2015 11:43

its been 17m0nthes, wh0le 17m0nthes and 4ever, 4ever i knw u will be here in my in my arms, and wen years go by, i want u t0 knw h0w much i miz u each and every day..ur my lalabs each and every day wid u i treasure in my heart..every beat 0f my heart fills m0re and m0re wid ur l0ve and care..ur d m0st beautiful pers0n in the w0rld, inside and 0ut, i h0pe i make u as hapi as u make me..thanks f0r being dr, thanks f0r being wid me, thanks f0r being u..i need u wid everything baby lalabs n0 p0ems, n0 w0rds, n0 massages, n0 gifts, n0thing can ever express h0w much i care bwt u, but u knw h0w much that is..i l0ve u rhea j0dillin m0ntes i always have and i always will..

20 Oct 2015 13:44
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20 Oct 2015 14:02

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20 Oct 2015 14:51
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20 Oct 2015 20:06
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20 Oct 2015 20:11

i dont need pr0mises and everythng n0r i cnt gv u d same..just 1 thng..let me dream..

20 Oct 2015 21:33

Take My Hand

Take My hand and walk with Me,,This is the place you're meant to be,,I've seen you in sorrow,,I've seen you in pain,,Looking anywhere for something to gain,,The world is dark and nothing is fair,,I've watched you cry in great despair,,From the Throne I've seen you alone,,But I've come to you to see you through,,Take My hand and hold it tight,,Now and forever all you'll see is light,,No more sorrow no more pain,,You've found your home, you've finally gained,,Take My hand, for you shall see,,This is true love for eternity.

Dedicated Youtube Video Clip For My Cute Girl!!

Wanna say again and again three classic word-: "I LOVE YOU"

20 Oct 2015 22:23

I have no words to express my feelings, maybe words are inexpressible or limited; but I just want to say that you have ever been the valuable loving-person in my wholelife whom I love the most, and I found in you all the qualities of living together forever, indeed all of my futural dreams, wishes, desires, ambitions are lovingly connected to you;

Unfortunately, I'd have to accept an unacceptable fact that we will not stay together anymore! We're strangers, far away and unseen to each other, we have to take different ways just because we cannot be together in the future;

However, you couldn't feel the feelings of me, you didn't understand my sincerity and faithfulness with you or how much I loved you at all, it tears me up to know that I'm still unloved, temporary played then left in the
sorrows and painful moments;

well, I'm not perfect to you, and you need someone who could give you all their love, maybe more than me? I pray for you to find a good one in your life;


20 Oct 2015 22:26

I'm exist on dis

21 Oct 2015 05:45

O My love where are you

21 Oct 2015 06:02
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21 Oct 2015 06:11


21 Oct 2015 10:05
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21 Oct 2015 10:21

Quote by simplyme14
...reading sir wafas' qvote sum up all the best messages of someone who loves truly..but that love will never become a reality...unless Gods' permits...(my friend ibibah im sure when u read his post ur tears will suddenly fall..) ;(

Relax now ..don't be emotional

21 Oct 2015 10:40

LovE iS a beaUtiFul rElatiOnship bEtweEn tWo pErsOns it iS fiLLed witH swEet anD cUte mOmenTs BetwEEn cOupleS a bOy aNd a giRl cAn bE iN loVe nOt onLy aS a coUplE bUt alSo aS a frEinDs fOreVer ☜☆☞

21 Oct 2015 10:47
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21 Oct 2015 11:08
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26 Oct 2015 18:24

happy birthday my baby lalabs t0nyt is a reminder t0 u and t0 d w0rld, 0f h0w amazing ur and t0 me h0w lucky i am t0 have u..i thank g0d almighty f0r t0nyt, as t0nyt is d nyt tat signifies ur entering int0 ds w0rld..a nyt that is a blessing t0 me fr0m g0d, t0nyt is als0 a nyt that reminds u that ur 0ne 0f a kind, drs n0 0ne in ds w0rld as amazing as ur my lalabs n0 0ne as beautiful as u, n0thing as preci0us as u are..ur a living dream that stepped 0ut 0f my dreams and made my life and beautiful st0ry t0 be t0ld..wid u, u br0ught c0lors, l0ve and happiness and s0 much m0re in my life..u n0t 0nly mean m0re than the wh0le w0rld t0 me but ur my w0rld itself, ur n0t 0nly a part 0f my life, but my very life itself..i l0ve u m0re than anything in ds w0rld my lalabs i want t0 thank u f0r u c0ming int0 my life and making it w0rth living..u truly are a blessing fr0m g0d t0 me and the answer t0 my prayers..ur my queen, my wife, my everything and so much m0re..i l0ve u baby may g0d sh0wer his blessings up0n u, may all ur dreams bec0me a reality, may happiness kiss ur feet, may g0d give u 4ever health, wealth and s0 much m0re and it might be ur birthday, but its me wh0 g0t d gift baby lalabs i l0ve u s0 much, i always have and i always will..

27 Oct 2015 01:40

may g0d sh0wer upon u infinite blessings f0r zilli0n and zilli0ns 0f years, my he grant all ur prayers, may all ur wishes and dreams c0me true..