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17 Oct 2015 10:49

Who is your favorite author ?

25 Dec 2015 06:33

Albert Einstein, he's one my favourite author as well as highly-qualified scientist of his time, unfortunately he's died now;

Justein Gaarder, he's also one my favourite novelist, writer and well-known in the philosophy;

Dr, Muhbat Buriro, he has great understandability in the philosophical courses, even translating many of well-known books in his national language;

- Nelson Mandela
- Fanan
- Marilyn
- Che
- Lenin
- Hochemunh
- Voltaire
- Barkely
- Socrates
- plato
- Aristotle
- Oscar Wilde
- Mother Teresa
- Albert Campus
- Mark Twain
And so many others, forgetting their names presently,
well, majority of my favourite authors in died now;

11 Jan 2016 20:51

I honestly prefer mystery novels, my preferable authors are: Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle

20 Jun 2016 00:38

Dr. Ben Carson