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16 Oct 2015 19:19

Halloween is near.. LET'S PARTY..share your most scariest stories,photos or any scary experiences you had.
C0me 0n Guys..!!

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16 Oct 2015 20:22

16 Oct 2015 20:23

16 Oct 2015 20:28

Filipino knows this(as shown as the 2 pictures above.) its called:

Mysterious beautiful women living on the outskirts of a small provincial town on their own should be treated with caution as they might just bemanananggalin disguise. In folklore, these creatures almost always appear as women.
Come nighttime, their bodies from the belly up detach, their faces transform into hideous visages, and they sprout huge bat-like wings on their backs, leaving their lower half in a hiding place. Their upper half takes flight to prey on the unborn children of pregnant women, using their extremely long tongues to suck through the navels of their victims.

16 Oct 2015 20:31

Would any of us just ignore the helpless cries of a baby abandoned on its own? We should, if we happen to hear it in a wooded area far from civilization, as it is probably atiyanakluring us to our gory demise. According to legends, they are babies who died before being baptized, their bodies possessed by evil spirits to partake of live human flesh.

Filipino called this "Tiyanak"

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16 Oct 2015 20:38

White Lady
A white lady is a specific kind of ghost that haunts any place, urban or rural, that has been a site of injustice that led to a woman dying in tragedy. It floats in the air all dressed in white, its face either literally blank or covered in blood. There is no purpose to their appearance, but they have reportedly caused many an accident due to the fright they induce in people who’ve seen them.

16 Oct 2015 20:51

This is just a Hint, there are more to go...

22 Oct 2015 09:08

22 Oct 2015 09:16

Peek a boo

22 Oct 2015 09:21

22 Oct 2015 09:23

Share yours guys!!!

22 Oct 2015 09:25

28 Oct 2015 10:49

Am i really scaring every0ne Sorry Guys Happy Halloween!!