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12 Oct 2015 05:23

How do we keep Food fresh?

12 Oct 2015 10:46


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12 Oct 2015 10:48

Use Refregerator.

12 Oct 2015 15:51
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12 Oct 2015 17:41

If you-I d9nt know,,But Im eatv9nly ecologic and clear food

13 Oct 2015 00:06

just buy food only good for 1day

27 Oct 2015 08:07

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Use Refregerator. :D

27 Oct 2015 08:09

Fresh food better than frozen?

27 Oct 2015 08:11

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Fresh food better than frozen? :)

Yup but sir this topic is about keeping food

2 Nov 2015 06:42

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How do we keep Food fresh?

 To keep fresh celery, carrots and radishes around at all times, chop them and store them in water in the fridge, which keeps them crisp for a surprisingly long time.
For Apple Keeps apples away from other foods. Apples give off ethylene gas, which can cause foods to spoil.
Some food can't keep too long even if you keep in the fridge.
So what can do,? Plan meals in order of what needs to be used up first.
And remember when buying produce that contains lots of water, buy smaller pieces, which generally have more flavor and last longer.

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