International forum: Business - United PV’s Gansu-based PV power plant impacted by grid curtailments
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12 Oct 2015 04:49

PV energy provider United Photovoltaics Group continues to be impacted by grid limitations in Gansu Province, China.

United PV has reported third quarter electricity generation figures for its fleet of PV power plants in the country, which totalled approximately 288,294MWh.

However, its 100MW power plant in Gansu Province generated only 18,117MWh of electricity in the quarter, compared to 26,361MWh in the prior year period.

Electricity generation from the Gansu plant in the first nine months of 2015 is only 58,097MWh.

The problems of grid constraints in Gansu Province and several other regions where high PV deployments have been hampered by poor grid capacity has led the Chinese government to allocate a further 5.3GW of solar capacity quota to selected provinces above initial quota levels set at the beginning of the year.

A further 5.3GW has been added to the planned 17.8GW target for the year to counter grid curtailments.

PV energy providers such as SunEdison, SunPower and First Solar have yet provide regular data on electricity generation from owned and operated PV power plants.

United PV and Shunfeng, both listed companies in China are the only two companies so far providing such data for public consumption as part of greater transparency to investors as to the operating performance of long-held assets.