International forum: Culture - do you love your country culture
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21 Apr 2014 11:29

in what way do you love it,express your views

13 Jul 2014 09:43
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13 Jul 2014 09:50
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13 Jul 2014 11:18

yeah everybody loves his own country culture..

13 Jul 2014 11:19


13 Jul 2014 11:34

Quote by mitze
Yes I love my country culture, in my view Philippines is a great country of the world, located in Southeast Asia. The Filipino culture is a great one, having many interesting aspects, including great food, fun games and an all-together great love for each other. This article will help you learn more about Filipino cultures.,Our love of sosyalan (socializing), dancing and music, culminate in the province-wide street party and town talent show –
the fiesta (festival) dance

Yeah i love fiesta full of fun games

13 Jul 2014 11:35

13 Jul 2014 12:21
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13 Jul 2014 13:34

Selected. .
Not all

13 Jul 2014 17:40

oh yeah,i love my country culture..

16 Aug 2014 12:49

Yeah sure, i love my country culture