International forum: Events - Celebration of Heritage Month in South Africa
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25 Sep 2015 23:34

Do you celebrate Heritage (Inheritance that r Unique in Your Country, that depict the Uniqueness n the Your Originality of Your Country?

I will name One Example from my Country:

1. Table Mountain found in Cape Town makes my country unique, attractive place only found in South African

28 Sep 2015 10:14

Only african

28 Sep 2015 12:40

It seems as if the term Heritage is understood by South Africans Murad.

These so much i can code from your culture that is so unique, but then, thanx

24 Sep 2016 21:57

Another year, another day...
Celebration of heritage ....nationa symbols...South African flag, nation anthem, soccer attire, traditional attire n lot more.....