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22 Sep 2015 10:16

How Much Do You Trust Your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend?

22 Sep 2015 12:00
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22 Sep 2015 12:03
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22 Sep 2015 12:04
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22 Sep 2015 12:10

Theres no such a no. of trust i just leave him two choice..... keeping my trust or ruin it :)

22 Sep 2015 14:30

ONLY to an extent of 7%

22 Sep 2015 14:40
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22 Sep 2015 16:13

Only closed very much

22 Sep 2015 17:53


22 Sep 2015 20:48
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22 Sep 2015 21:07
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23 Sep 2015 00:50

I love my girl but don't trust her

23 Sep 2015 01:51

God says that only Him we shall worship, and praise, that only Him is our true love, and no one else. God says that the devil gots all people fool and making them think that we ain't nothing, and that nobody loves us, and that our true love is in our partners that we are even worshipping them thinking we cant live without them. But God says, only I am your God, and only Me you shall worship. And He says that He gave us a helping partner to our lives which is our husband, or wife and not another god to us to get so in love, and forget about Him God. God says that the devil gots all people fool making them think that they are nobody, and making them think they are ugly, that, that's why people are dressing (NOT) IN A MODEST WAY WHICH IS WOMEN SHALL DRESS ONLY WITH LONG DRESSES, OR SKIRTS BUT THAT THEY COVER YOUR WHOLE BODY AND NOT BECOMING A ROCK FOR MEN, OR WOMEN. AMEN! BECAUSE NOW, I DON'T LIVE MORE, BUT JESUS LIVES IN ME. AMEN! GOD SAYS TO LEAVE ALL THE WORLDY THINGS LIKE MAKE-UP, PANTS, SHORTS, TIGHT, STRAPLESS IN WOMEN, AND TIGHT PANTS, SHORTS, IN MEN, HIGH HEELS, JEWELRY IN MEN, AND WOMEN, BECAUSE GOD SAYS THAT WHEN WE DO THESE THINGS, HE SAYS THAT WE GOT AN OPEN DOOR TO THE DEVIL, SO HE CAN BE FREE TO COME IN, AND OUT OUR LIVES WHENEVER HE WANTS. ALL THESE ARE CHAINS OF THE DEVIL SO HE CAN HAVE YOU AND USE YOU, AND LEAVE YOU WHENEVER HE WANTS AND BECOME A PUPPET TO HIM IN HIS HANDS. AMEN! LET YOU NOT BECOME ONE OF THE DEVIL'S PUPPETS. JESUS DID NOT ONLY DIED FOR US FOR OUR SINS, OR FOR THAT WE WOULDN'T GO TO HELL. BUT HE DIED SO WE COULD OF BE FREE OF ALL THE CHAINS OF THE DEVIL, AND HIS LIES, THAT DON'T LET US BE FREE, AND WE WOULD OF HAVE THE LIBERTY TO PRAISE HIM, SERVE HIM, ADORE HIM, AND ONLY LIVE FOR HIM, HIMSELF ONLY. AMEN!

23 Sep 2015 02:15

Привет, чатлане! А кто нибудь тут общается по русски?

23 Sep 2015 09:23

I do love him but all my trust Is in God who created me He knows me better than my self so I put all my trust in Him (God)

23 Sep 2015 10:18

100 boyfriend