International forum: Health - How can we keep our selves healthy?
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15 Jan 2014 16:47

write your precious ideas about health and the ways to be healthy.

25 Jan 2014 19:43

How To Keep Healthy.
#1: keep urself clean. example: brush ur teeth every morning nd evening dont 5orget to brush ur tongue bcos the tongue is lyk a wollen carpet all dirty remain on it
#2keep ur cloths nd eespecially ur underwears clean.
#3wash ur hands with soap nd water anytym u visit the ladies or the gents .
#4keep ur house clean.
#5 eat lots of fruits.
#6eat healthy foods.
#7dont eat lots of fats nd oils.
#8 dont drink lots of alcohol.
#9u must relax a lot .#10 drink a lot of water.

20 Feb 2014 19:06
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15 Jun 2014 21:00

Yoga with hygienic food .

10 Aug 2016 15:17

1. Drink more sparkling water. Reduce ur caffeine, alcohol, soda.

2. Less sugar, less salt

3. Avoid junk food

4. Positive thinking, smile, sport