International forum: Romance & Friendship - HAVE U EXPERIENCE ONE SIDED LOVE? ?
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26 Aug 2015 11:48

the horrifying feeling of falling in love alone,, loving that boy/girl without the satisfaction of receiving their love in return...

27 Aug 2015 09:48

Yes I had

27 Aug 2015 11:56

Yea may be iwan..!

27 Aug 2015 12:30

I dn't know, maybe yes

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27 Aug 2015 13:31


27 Aug 2015 13:38

The tot of that almost made me cry becos yes i av loved someone who never returned it back and it hurst like hell, and the crazy part is when you then make up ur mind to leave, then they start showing intrest a mean its crazy, first i want you, you dont want me, and now am leavin and suddenly you want me hmmm

27 Aug 2015 14:35
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28 Aug 2015 01:10