International forum: Romance & Friendship - Why do married men pretend to be single online?
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12 Aug 2015 11:53

Why do married men pretend to be single online?

12 Aug 2015 12:25

for us to find onemore girl frnd on line kkkkkkkkk

12 Aug 2015 12:27

12 Aug 2015 12:49

Lol cus paps need a have fun too on wap.... One of them pmed me and said nasty stuff ommo ~.~ he is 67 years old oh

12 Aug 2015 13:00

their kind

12 Aug 2015 13:31 dear Helen ..i had my most highly merriest tym wit her in my lyf ..n we'r far apart nw ..n wn am tnkng of z new beautiful girl dat to come yet in my lyf, i feel sad coz i already had my honeymoon wit my ex Hellu n neither holding z moon nor riding z stars wit my coming wife would ever make me more happy again ..wat a petitic luvr i'm ..

12 Aug 2015 17:19

it applies to both men and women...mayb they are not satisfied with whts in their hands...

13 Aug 2015 12:33

as for me..ido not hide my ID....but..............mmmmmm......forgot

13 Aug 2015 12:40

13 Aug 2015 12:53


13 Aug 2015 13:11

To win another easily.same to ladies.

13 Aug 2015 15:18

mmm u r hiding something