International forum: Romance & Friendship - Could You Fall In Love Wit The Same Person Agin?
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12 Aug 2015 09:14

Is it possible that a certain kind of situation that u may find ur self in wit an ex-lover, can manifest that love that yall had once shared?

12 Aug 2015 11:53


12 Aug 2015 12:50

No heck NO ..! ~.~

12 Aug 2015 13:00

love is sweeter the second time around

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12 Aug 2015 13:01
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12 Aug 2015 13:02

Quote by Blessed445
Quote by myles_090
love is sweeter the second time around :)

This is for who apo?

for him lola blessed

12 Aug 2015 13:06

Yes..1 can fall 2 z same person 2wyc ..n smtyms u may hv a very swt real tym wit a girl bt u didnt fall 2 her n u broke up wit her n separated ..n after a long tym u realize dat u didnt knw dat u were in luv wit her ..may be u can not hv a harmoney or a common understanding wit z girls dat came 2u after her ..n dat tym u accept everytng n u start living wit z memories of zoz swt tyms u had wit ur own swt wit whow u once felt a complete joy n security.. . And u start 2 despise every1else wn u start 2 read hearts n minds of them ..n crown zat innocent angel dat once were in ur arms though she is not physically wit u ..n dat tym u feel lyk being swt home after a long exile in foriegn lands. . . . Lov is being appreciating watz in ur hear n mind simeltinously ..