International forum: Other - world war! what does it means to us?
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15 Apr 2014 01:45

Its true that the common factor its because of religion?
It's true that might be greediness?
It's true that is the oil issue?
Some people think its because of expanding territorial?
So hard to predict & giving such kind of opinion!
Is there any possibilities that world war III could be happen?

15 Apr 2014 04:12

oh god plz d0nt all0w that....but literally it is possible..let see..n0w phils against china..their fyting not really fyting literally but both sides claiming that scarborough seoul is theirs and it can c0z in lowering the count of chinese investors and tourists..hongkong against phils..becoz of manila shoot out(correct me if im wrong kua clix)hongkong n0w are n0t allowing to renue d contract of our OFW..malaysia against phils.becoz their(sultanate of jolo) also claiming that sabbah is belong to phils. and n0t to malaysia...and actually i blv that sabbah is ours...jejeje...well i studied phils history just last i said that..but our g0v't ddnt support d sultanate to claim d sabbah coz their muslim..thats d fact..they are muslims and pin0y is c0ward...they have all d written and recorded evedencies that sabbah belong to phils yet they are deaf 4 d cry of help frm our fellow muslims.

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15 Apr 2014 04:39

Yes there are possibilities for (III) world war!

15 Apr 2014 07:07

Yes, we need to pray to God...

15 Apr 2014 14:00
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16 Apr 2014 04:02

Yes! Your right.

7 Aug 2015 11:39

To be top powerful and scariest country!