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10 Aug 2015 02:46

We re all user's from
All over world we cames
From different nation's
Across d world, different
Languages, skin , dreams,
But one freedom,one joy
One happy family,

But today we all families
& friends , our friendship
Re getting stronger

Mobofree is our home,
Ur home
My home
Our dreams ...
New generation
Old generation ..

We do understand how hard
Its but the spirit of Mobofree
Bring us joy different frm other website,,

We learn more education
From forum's

Meet new friends on chat

Communicate on pm

We' re happy too be a user on,
We have a guarding angels

Mobofree network inc
Is growing soo fast ..

Mobofree a new home for all

This re gifts of hope, happiness
in d Mobofree

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9 Jan 2016 11:44
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