International forum: Family & kids - *who is the most honest (holy) man in the world?
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Hazrat Muhammad Pak S.A.W

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World prophet hazrat muhammad (sm)

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Quote by H Murad
World prophet hazrat muhammad (sm)

Indeed, Sadiq aur ameen

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A. His names: When he was born, his grandfather, Abdul
Mutalib, gave him the name
Muhammad. And it means
"praised one" or "praising
one." He was later called "As-
Saddiq" (the Truthful) by all of those who knew of his truthful
and honest nature. He always
said only the truth. He was also
called "Al-Amin" (the
Trustworthy) due to his
integrity and always upholding any trust given to him. When
the tribes were battling
against each other, both sides
would entrust him with their
possessions during the
fighting, even if it might be against some of his own
tribesmen, because they knew
he would always uphold any
trust given to him. All of his
names indicated the very
nature of a man who was praised for his honesty,
integrity and trustworthiness.
He was also well known for
advocating the reconciliation
of kinship and relationships. He
ordered his followers to always honor the "ties of the
wombs" (siblings and other
close relatives).

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Albert Einstein previous century

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Holy prophet