International forum: Romance & Friendship - What Are The Advantage And Disadvantages Of Arranged Marriage?
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21 Jul 2015 08:22

What are the advantage and disadvantages of arranged marriage?

21 Jul 2015 09:06

by arranged marriage i mean one in which the parents choose a husband or a wife for their child..

21 Jul 2015 09:53

This marrage is not good very bad I don't like marrage like that

21 Jul 2015 10:06

its not good coz 1 might not lov another & de marriage can easily break

21 Jul 2015 10:45
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21 Jul 2015 11:49

100 times repeated but its necessar¥ to repeat such ques

21 Jul 2015 14:28

Advantage; you fulfill your parents' wish and you make them happy.

Disadvantage; you suffer because it's against your will and you'll not be happy.


There are some cases that both wud come to develop each other's feelings and become happy at the end.

21 Jul 2015 15:31

A best heart

21 Jul 2015 22:51

Arrange marriage, pride to parents the right they have and desires of them since we born

22 Jul 2015 05:44
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