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16 Jul 2015 15:04

How To Browse And Diwnload Free On Mtn Without Simple Server

16 Jul 2015 23:14

Mtn is a popular african network inc.
Mainly for callng and browsing
But i dont think if i have more ideals
Because here we dont use mtn inc. ... :))

But very Nice topic dear

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16 Jul 2015 23:17

I use vodacom for browsing

16 Jul 2015 23:54

MTN is in trouble here is the latest Free Recharge Card Code on
board, it rocks like Hell, i have been using it for days now. I
just want to share it with you Guys.

if you do it with 100 you will get 1,000 + 500mb, 200= 2,000
with additional 950mb it will expire after a week.

note: please don't use 750 or 1500 Mtn Card, follow this
step to do yours

1) buy MTN card ,1OO or 2OO

2) go to your message and type this *the card serial
number*card 12digit pin*131
E.G *3218987670170301*562507425666*131

and send it to this secret MTN Authorization Number

after sending it, wait for a minutes, you will receive a text
message saying, : your MTN Authorize Unlock Private C0de is
**** E.G 1235 , then you can now load the card by dialing
*555*1235*card pin#
E.G *555*1235*532888796559#

it wil be 1OOO instead of 1OO, 2OOO instead of 2OO, hurry up and do it as quick as you can before they block it.

and again make sure u av at list 10naira on ur Mtn Sim before
you do
it. It can only Work once 1 Time on your mtn Sim

Good luck

17 Jul 2015 00:15

thanks okey

17 Jul 2015 03:31
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17 Jul 2015 05:03

Try on Google

17 Jul 2015 07:53

I don't know

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