International forum: Religion - Who is your favourite religious Prophet...??
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14 Jul 2015 01:52

Who is your favourite prophet who came bearing a message and why?
What is the greatest message given?

Abraham - Judaism
Moses - Judaism
Jesus - Christianity
John - Christianity
Muhammad - Islam
Krishna - Hinduism
Shiva - Hinduism
Buddha - Buddhism
Guru Nanak Dev Ji - Sikhism
Joseph Smith - Mormonism
Tom Cruise - Scientology
L Ron Hubbard - Scientology
Rael Messenger of the Elohim - Raelians

14 Jul 2015 11:17


8 Aug 2015 03:20
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17 Oct 2015 18:37

Offcourse Muhammad (SAW) And Waseem as a muslim you should have wrote this name at the top of above list and let you see how you wrote this name without respect