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15 Jan 2014 10:58


16 Jan 2014 06:03

i like listenin 2 steve perry's song:"if only 4 a moment."best ya!

16 Jan 2014 06:50
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16 Jan 2014 07:35

Richard Marx - Endless Summer Night

16 Jan 2014 11:27

Quote by Dee3158
thats my favourite song too

16 Jan 2014 11:29

@dee,,nice 2 know dat ur a fan of steve perry..

16 Jan 2014 11:31

@whaawiss,,,m also a fan of richard marx,,not bad.

16 Jan 2014 12:36

Quote by whaawiiss
Richard Marx - Endless Summer Night

BEST! Love this song..endlessly!!

16 Jan 2014 15:58

from this moment....shania twain

17 Jan 2014 02:00

When I see your smile
Tears run down my face
I can't replace
And now that I'm stronger
I've figured out

17 Jan 2014 09:27

30 Seconds To Mars Do Or Die and City Of Angel

15 Feb 2014 04:20

Nothing Like Us from Justin Bieber
Strong from One Direction
Banga!Banga! From Austin Mahone
And many more ..

15 Feb 2014 09:51

Shower me with your love..
by:The surface

15 Feb 2014 10:25

Britney Spears- out from under

15 Feb 2014 11:37

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15 Feb 2014 11:42
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15 Feb 2014 15:16

Whats that have to do with favourite song dummy

15 Feb 2014 15:26

MY HEART WILL GO ON===by Celine Dion, & I LIVE MY LIFE FOR U===by FireHouse!

15 Feb 2014 15:26

Artist name= Remy zero
song name= twister Acoustic
please any body with the download link should help me i av been looking for it for years nw. The last place i saw it was on but the file was removed

17 Feb 2014 20:04
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