International forum: Romance & Friendship - Do you think arranged marriages are a good idea?
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6 Jul 2015 21:33

What is your opinion of arranged marriages?

7 Jul 2015 13:26


7 Jul 2015 13:32

7 Jul 2015 13:55

This system was thought to be
one way to learn to love a
person. Instead of having to
chase another person you
dearly love, only to find out
that they don't love you back, you get to learn to love a
person you have no experience
with. It sounds scary at first,
but did you know that
arranged marriages have a
way higher rate of successfully working as opposed to
marriage by choice? Now
that's an intriguing fact.

8 Jul 2015 19:24

theres advantages and disadvantages ... advantages in terms of financial stability and sum other things our parents thinks the best for us have at the future but the disadvantages are we arent have the freedom to choose who we really love and want to be with in our lives ... we havent got the freedom to explore and see people , things and we got no chance to experience things normal people undergo while looking for the best partner for them

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