International forum: MoboFree news - the powerful supportive ( help ) of all imc and A & k groups into the Mobofree project !!
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18 Jun 2015 13:26

FIrst i wanna wish our ( my ) administrator Mobofree for the wonderful time you have given us as a users and moderators/topic creators in the mobo project !!

I.M.C = miss azale
A & K= miss creepyface

Creating this topic is an impression too wish u both a lovely time and great job ( help ) too the Mobofree communities ( users )

First time this groups where form by both ladies ,

What comes too my mind , everyone mind was ,, will this groups help mobofree??

But Babez kiD ( my ) answer are yes !! This crime and abuse of late 2011"2012,2013,2014, re different from the once will have now,,

A & k crime report team are on duty , in a supportive hands

I.M.C has a different Aim because i see different contest been by imc partners and officials ...
( creator and founder ) !!

I just wanna say keep working for a betterment of Mobofree communities worldwide!!

Like old time ago 34% of Mobofree users thinks this groups will bring hate and dislike too everyone of members but nooo , we re happy has a groups in the mobofree ,

This groups has come along way,
L.e imc partners are planing too promote this groups on other web
Google +

This groups we represent mobofree imc on twitter and others !!

I my ( babez kid ) im really too support my dearest friend creepy and my imc partners in this promotions!!
[qoute] Mobofree is home too meet wonderful friends , not about been famous but help mobofree project for long everlasting time soo whenever u gone people we always remember u for that

This history has been made by

Ms creepyface
Ms azale
Ms alynna09
Mr rocksur
Mr clixster
Mr CreAtive
Ms hannah
Mrs Alionuska
I.m.c partners
A & k partners !!

Thank yOu for the lovely time we spend together as lovers , friends , enemies , family all this has made an history too mobofree communities!!

Im soo happy for my dearest friends!!
Everyone has pass true alot of hard time, has been blackmail in the past but this difficuities shall never break our love for mobofree and admins mAm

Thank you
Mobofree #

And lovely celebration too all muslims family !!

From Babez KiD
( hernaňdez NaTalia rută )

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18 Jun 2015 15:48

18 Jun 2015 15:49

Yes you are absolutely right! These both Group helps too much in the development of Mobofree

19 Jun 2015 17:03

Best groups imc and a & k