International forum: Romance & Friendship - Why Memberss Of Other Country Avoid On Another???
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15 Jun 2015 08:38

I'm Notifying That When I'm Sending Friend Request To Other Members Of Another Country They R Trying To Avoid Me... Bt Why?? Ee Are Friends... And Friendship Never Looks for Only Smartt Or Smae Religion Memger.... Why this Problem?? Can Anyone Ans Me??

15 Jun 2015 13:02

15 Jun 2015 13:03

it's a habit

15 Jun 2015 13:07

I never rejected any request

15 Jun 2015 14:19

15 Jun 2015 14:19

Bro send me request am never reject any0ne

15 Jun 2015 14:20

15 Jun 2015 14:29

15 Jun 2015 19:08
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15 Jun 2015 19:19


15 Jun 2015 20:15

Attitude??? OMG

15 Jun 2015 21:03
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15 Jun 2015 21:04

You r right @mohon bro

15 Jun 2015 21:33


15 Jun 2015 22:04

I dnt avoid...i chat with many as possible..frm around the world

15 Jun 2015 23:00

16 Jun 2015 01:23

Quote by Shaita08
I dnt avoid...i chat with many as possible..frm around the world

Friendship never in boundries

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16 Jun 2015 06:54

To avoid scamers, i dont chat and accept requests i always received this kind of message from different users.

Hello Dear friend, happy to meet you, i want you to send me your mail id or you visit my profile page then get my mail id through my profile page and write so that i can give you my photos and details. Salome

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