International forum: Romance & Friendship - How can we tell if it's love ...just a crush or any other temporary feeling?
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15 Jan 2014 08:54


15 Jan 2014 13:40

First of all - it must be PERMANENT feeling. Because if it's temporary - most probably it's only admiration

15 Jan 2014 14:26

if its love,it will last and can pass through the passage of is a special feeling dat grows each passing day. if its crush u only admire something to dat could be physical,attitude,or talent..and its a feeling dat is not as special and as deep as love.coz love goes beyond wat d eyes can see...

16 Jan 2014 12:57
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16 Jan 2014 13:04


8 Mar 2014 02:31

thinking too.......

9 Mar 2014 04:03

1Ask yourself why.Do you love that boy or girl 'cause he or she makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside yourself or because he's on the football team or she's the head cheerleader.

9 Mar 2014 04:04

2Figure out why they like you (if they do like you, that is).Is your love a good person who wouldn't hurt you for the world or is he/she someone who dates you 'cause your body

9 Mar 2014 04:05

3 Do you feel genuine affection for this person or are you using them as an escape route? Say you just got dumped by someone. You meet someone else who you want to heal you.

9 Mar 2014 04:06

4 If you talk on occasion, or at school you wave in the hallways, this person is most likely an acquaintance.You are comfortable enough around them to put yourself out only.

9 Mar 2014 04:07

5 If you spend a lot of time with them, help them with problems, or even know some personal things about them, this person would most likely be considered.

9 Mar 2014 04:08

6 If you're very friendly with them, offer to help in any way, or notice physical attractions to this person, it's likely that they are your crush.

9 Mar 2014 04:09

7 Depending on the circumstances, if you're in a relationship with this person, it could be love.

9 Mar 2014 04:26

Crush is just only physical admiration. You can listed all the reasons in a pieces of paper all about him/her. Love is different because it has no proper explanation why you loved somebody.

23 Aug 2015 18:17
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