International forum: Romance & Friendship - Is it immature to hate someone forever?
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25 May 2015 18:46

Depends very much on the original cause, most causes of becoming very pissed off ,even intensely piffed off are in reality very simple annoying matters ,more a degree of selfish total intolerance which affects both parties for too stiff necked to admit the childishness of the situation and remember what the hell it was all about in the first place ,such a situation is completely infantile,
why would you hate someone forever?

whats your opinion friends?

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26 May 2015 11:22

There's somthin wrong to thier soul .. I think

26 May 2015 11:28
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26 May 2015 11:29

Av been one of them but av realize its waste of time and stressing myself with unuseful thing

26 May 2015 11:31
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26 May 2015 11:35

Quote by piash125123
In the research of science scientists get that male & female both not get matured before 25 years old. Or hate & envy is the most bad thing in this world so don't hate anyone or get envy of anyone :)

26 May 2015 11:36


26 May 2015 11:37

I personally do not really hate anyone, but I think it is possible and immature if you hated someone forever if that person done something wrong to you

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26 May 2015 11:56

Say something polite. If you can't say something positive, don't say anything at all. Immature people constantly criticize things and point out flaws about other people, and they don't hesitate to say hurtful insults by all matters. Sometimes, they justify cruelty by stating that they're just "being honest." Mature people choose their words carefully, and they don't hurt people's feelings in their quest to be "honest," so remember to watch what you say, and don't say things that hurt other's feelings. Treat people the way that you want to be treated.

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26 May 2015 12:01

26 May 2015 13:44