International forum: Romance & Friendship - If your bf said he is interested in your bestfriend, how would you feel?
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31 Mar 2014 15:38

Plis i need here coz my bf is in love wit my true n best friend, sister n it really hurts :'( why is life lyk dis

31 Mar 2014 15:40

What will i do? Just let them be? I love them both n when it happens, i just wanted to so all the world will hear me

2 Apr 2014 04:40
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2 Apr 2014 07:20

im goin to punch my bf face and kick hs downpart...

2 Apr 2014 09:32

Let him go.. hehe...
Anyway don't be exaggerate the situation about your BF sometimes being possessed by false supposing always destroyed the good relationship. you must trust him otherwise he will lost.

5 Apr 2014 06:54

Tanx i should have just follow your advice n now its for good, he just left me coz he is goin far maybe he needed space so gotta let go nw tanx ma fren

5 Apr 2014 06:56

Well i do trust him but it looks lyk he doesnt love me anymore so to let go

10 May 2015 09:12

Quote by quiete
im goin to punch my bf face and kick hs downpart...

baby u gave her a gud idea mmm!!! im just imagining what w0uld happend t0 ds b0y if his girlfriend kick hs d0wnpart.. 0uch!!!