International forum: Romance & Friendship - love hurts like hell, true or false?
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31 Mar 2014 15:34

Please be honest in ur opinion coz i had a dream that my bf loves n will never love other but when i woke up it was opposite what i dreamed about

20 Sep 2014 10:57

Yes sometimes love hurts like hell!

20 Sep 2014 11:02

as the word it is hell and hell no u cant change it its a wound in ur heart tht never heals

20 Sep 2014 11:12

false bec. i am a strong person MAYBE someday i wll feel that love hurts is like a HELL na

20 Sep 2014 12:53

Everybody Will Feel Hurt,Happy,Unhappy Or Else..
At The First Beginning Yes You Never Feel Hurt,You Just Feeling Happy And Happy But When Hurt Come You Just Feel Hurt,Hurt,And Hurts...
So Don't Think That Hurt Never Come Looking For You And That Time You'll Think That You're Just A Stupid Girls Cause You Fall In Love With Him Ever...

20 Sep 2014 12:58

False .. Y. Coz its in u.. Choice to choose.

20 Sep 2014 14:24

Yeahh s0metimes, after u break up with her/him..
N for me, if u break up with the guys that u d0n't even luv him.. It's doesn't feel anything..

20 Sep 2014 18:31

This is usually the hardest stage. Remember that you don't deserve to be treated in the manner that hurt you and if he or she is not going to treat you like the gold you are, then he or she has lost you. Be very specific in the letter, phone call, email, etc. Tell him or her why it's over very plainly if they seem not to get the message. They know what they have done; you have made a decision they are not to be trusted again with your heart.

20 Sep 2014 18:31

Pretend to be happy for him or her and don't show him or her your weaknesses. Show him or her that you are stronger with or without love.

20 Sep 2014 18:32

20 Sep 2014 18:36
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20 Sep 2014 18:38
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20 Sep 2014 19:13

love is sweet if one does not think he or she is better than a rival and tries thru lies to manupulate one. lessons are always to be learnt in life. never you suck up for love. if it is over it is over cos some ppl no matter how hard you try once mind made up that is it. if he or she takes you back no that you r going to be miserable and it wont go dar. the worse for a man is a rival to talk about another lady. it is so common among ladies. that is why there r choices to marriages. i will never cry over spilt water. if i am confident of myself i will move on with dignity.i cant start and wat was i thinking of?

20 Sep 2014 19:44

i thinks TRUE

20 Sep 2014 22:17

True... Love hurts like a hell

20 Sep 2014 23:54
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21 Sep 2014 00:24

Hey, love hurts even more than hell

21 Sep 2014 00:44


21 Sep 2014 01:59

Yup that's hurts,love wounds

21 Sep 2014 03:33
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