International forum: Other - ""^^ explain your first experience when using mobofree in the past and it's present ^ ( tell us )
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10 May 2015 08:40

For me when i join mobofree in 2011 ,my first iD it was so boring that i decided too live mobofree,

In 2012 / 03 / 17
I was also info too join here by my best friends

. Analaura
. Melissa

They are my close friends in the real world, this ladies has been using mobofree at 2010 till now , never left this site

In 2012 i came back been invited by own friends ( mi espanol amigas )

And today i got soooooooo many friends on local and internationals forums
And many wanna be my friend,

In 2013
I invited my sister too join here that makes me stronger from been boring ,

In 2015

I invited my girlfriend

After months of pains / confession here

So What about you ?

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