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28 Mar 2014 17:46

Two people who love each other a lot keep fighting because of silly reasons. what can we do to stop this ? Friends pleas share your valuable comments here.

28 Mar 2014 17:50

I think that Lovers fight for love reasons ..... in love we say ...its a love language when people do that at times because they are making it go stronger and unshakable.....
That's what some love who have stayed long together have done before,
because its just not a smooth road always .... its through the hard times and the good times that two people can build that strong stand to stand for each other ..... this is not a fight to bleed , just something you say or act to make someone to get mad for no reason at all and start thinking .... and later talk things out to make a better understanding .
That's the love fight I'm talking about ...

28 Mar 2014 18:20

Becoz they have hands, eyes and tongue

28 Mar 2014 18:31

Quote by Crookxmr
Becoz they have hands, eyes and tongue :angry


29 Mar 2014 07:01

They Fought Because Of Lack Of Understanding And Sometime Incompatible Amos3:3.

29 Mar 2014 07:48
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29 Mar 2014 07:52
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29 Mar 2014 07:56
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29 Mar 2014 08:54
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29 Mar 2014 10:11

Sign of incompatibility And immaturity. they need to released each other to become free again. Cool off is the best way to think about their relationship.

29 Mar 2014 11:39

Quote by Creepyfac3
If The Reas0n Is CHEATING Then Thats An0ther Will Be A Fight And Might Result 2 Break Up.fighting F0r Little Reas0n Can Be S0rted 0ut Bt Cheating F0r Me Is A Big Issue Which I Cant T0lerate..thatz My 0pini0n Friends.

thanks for your opinion h0ney mwaah

29 Mar 2014 11:50
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29 Mar 2014 14:17

Men don't fight thy give in women always think there right

29 Mar 2014 14:57

usually lovers fyt c0z of jealousy and incompatibility..they just need to adjust and understand each other more..and love each others much..

29 Mar 2014 15:15

They're fighting coz financial problem.....

29 Mar 2014 15:30

Actually They both did not fight eachother,they just to keep exclaiming their LOVE alive,for this they want to assure eachother rather how they love eachother.For this,they become unhappy showing reaction but not heartly.Where we do not have Love,we do not fight not exclaim we just only ignore them carelessly.Actual Lover do not fight at a time otherwise one of them is small in love or quite not completly.

29 Mar 2014 15:30

Quote by Alynna09
They're fighting coz financial problem.....

Hahahahahahe, you are right!
You have probably more information about!

29 Mar 2014 15:42
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29 Mar 2014 15:50

They fight because they don't understanding each other well..

30 Mar 2014 06:33

Quote by Alynna09
They're fighting coz financial problem.....

not always 4 financial reason friend