International forum: Literature - Do you have any words of wisdom you’d like to pass along.???
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5 May 2015 09:47


Do you have any words of wisdom you’d like to pass along? ..

5 May 2015 14:15

5 May 2015 14:38

yes I like to passed

5 May 2015 15:14

the wind is invisible, but its always there..the wind is invisible, but can c0ol u d0wn 0n a h0t summer day.. the wind is invisible, but u can feel it m0ve..and its str0ng en0ugh t0 dem0lish lands and the h0uses standing 0n it..never underestimate what u cant see..

5 May 2015 15:38

s0metimes its better t0 take a leap 0f faith and just believe what u hear instead 0f trying t0 find the st0ry behind it..

5 May 2015 15:41

n0t everyone will appreciate what u do f0r them..u have t0 figure 0ut wh0's w0rth ur kindness and wh0's just taking advantage!!!

5 May 2015 15:45

kn0wledge is having inf0rmati0n.. intelligence is the ability t0 use it in ur advantage.. wisd0m is being urself in the pr0cess..

5 May 2015 16:57

5 May 2015 16:59

NO I d0n't HavE

5 May 2015 16:59

5 May 2015 21:46

0ne step of a man, a giant leap of a mankind..