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4 May 2015 08:04

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i fall so happy too participate on mobofree mission ...


It my mission too help this project i see a lot of great things here .... which alot of user cant see ....

Mobofree created mobo app for it user, for me it fell like no one knew about this app , neda useing it ....

But they are still alot of things i need too participate on here .....

They are

1 . Mobofree registation code :
This is when By a user or newbie will register here by using his or her phone number / email only ....

They cant create fake id or more ids , becos thier phone number has been registered

Mobofree is a young site , which it is fighting too larger members , i fall sad seeing most living here .... mobofree is world wide web site ... not abuser site or political site , we really want too promote this site , it like a house too me,mobofree need different nationalities too join here just as facebook ,instagran , twitter ,

Which am fighting too see in top 1 or top 2 web site in the world wide ..we really want too impart with multiple user over 20 millions in 2017 here

I do understand our administrator is working soo hard too help his/her site , but having this messager on mobile phone will be cool for all

It fall like not everyone knows about forums , most user dont ever know not becos they dont wanna post on it .... this is a big problem , i can see alot of forums user only fighting too be moderator .......... my advice are helping mobofree is not about becoming a moderator ,

If u are web student , u work soo hard on collage for years ... it is better u bring ur own ideal too help on it growth

They are lot of people or user out thier who as the quality of web forum but they dont post here . I think mobo forum also need more promotion

create new system for moderators staff
This system comes in a large respect .. inwhich moderators / administrators also act as big owner ( employe ) of this project
Moderators should be totally respected by any user , powerful or nor powerful user cant flirt with a crew member ...

MODERATOR page needed

Not everyone knows about moderators , they only knows as a site ... so whenever they are abuse by fake id . They think of living mobofree for good .


This are ways inwhich people can view mobofree moderators on mobofree facebook page , l.e mobofree moderators facebook page .......

So guest , user can view on facebook about mobofree moderators staffs

powerful peope giving up
This is where by a crew member decided too resign , feel so tired , and feel like living mobofree for good , mobofree administration are multiple people who work together too impart on mobofree mission .

This is a general meeting between mobofree officials , and it convernce meeting , people from nigeria , lithuania , spain , africa , uk , europe , asians where invite too ... it was nice and lovely , thd convernce teaches about mobofree social media , it goods , stuff ,ad for buyng , and sell ...

Mobofree is africa most used social media mostly
Nigerian 89%
Maliawi 70%
Ghana 71%
West africa 91%
Uganda 62%

anyway i just hope everything we be change for good here .....

I just hope my helping here we bring a senstive growth too mobofree futures .... i my not be prefect but my little ideal can bring little deals here

Let help and keep supporting Mobofree as long as we can ,,

Thank u !

Update : hernandez lina ( reyes )
User : Mobofree user

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