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2 May 2015 09:41

If she loves you truly she will leave no stone unturned to keep your relationship going strong. But sometimes she will get tired of making all the efforts and this is the time when you need to show her that you care. Sometimes she will leave your hand just to see how firmly you will grab it back and kiss her passionately. Sometimes she will push you away just to see whether you make any efforts to come closer. She might ignore you to see you making an effort to grab her attention. Sometimes she will turn her back and walk away from you just to see you chase her, grab her by the arm and hug her tightly. She might tell you that she hates you just to hear you say that you love her no matter what. Sometimes she will leave you and go for a while just to see how many hoops you will jump to get her back into your life because sometimes It doesn’t matter what you tell her ….What matters is what you show her…

2 May 2015 09:42